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Lakshmi Krishna Naturals 32 Herbs Hair Regrowth Oil -200 ml

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals 32 Herbs Hair Regrowth Oil -200 ml

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32 Herbs hair growth and regrowth oil is the perfect solution for hair fall men and women who are looking for powerful and long-lasting hair colour. This oil is formulated with natural and organic ingredients to help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair.


32 Herbs Hair fall control oil may be required to keep hair looking and feeling nourished, regardless of hair thickness or type. 32 Herbs Hair Oil is a beautiful herb that works as a scalp and hair medic. Our best hair oil may improve shine and smoothness while protecting the hair cuticle without adding any grease. It contains so many plants that it sways in the breeze like a mixture. Despite the absorbing array of herbs mixed in controlled precision, the herbal aroma is pleasingly light.


Our maceration technique allows the nutrients from the herbs, as well as essential oils with hair-strengthening characteristics, to naturally integrate into the oils. 32 Herbs Hair fall control oil and hair regrowth oil for men is an excellent remedies for hair breakage, hair loss, and the development of bald patches, which can result from frequent use of heating tools such as hair blow-dryers or straighteners, frequent hair dyeing, and frequent use of silicone-infused hair products to protect the hair’s cuticle without weighing it down.

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