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The Tribe Concepts Organic Hair Cleanser -250 gm

The Tribe Concepts Organic Hair Cleanser -250 gm

Type: Steel container

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Product details

Our "Organic Hair Cleanser" is a natural shampoo, effectively cleansing the scalp and hair by removing dirt, debris, and excess oils. It aims to keep essential nutrients intact, leaving the hair soft and manageable. Through regular use, the cleanser promotes overall hair health from roots to ends. We've consciously avoided chemicals and offer a powder form without preservatives.


Key Ingredients :

Soapberries, Shikakai, Fenugreek, And Hibiscus

About This Product :

  • Rich in Oleic Acid and vitamin E, stimulates hair growth, delivers non-greasy nourishment
  • Less tangling and stronger roots
  • Comes in Tin and Pouch Packaging

How To Use?

Take 4-5 tbps of product (depending on the length of your hair) and mix it with quarter (1/4th) mug of water to form a thick liquid consistency and work it through your hair from the scalp to the ends. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips in inward & outward motions for 2-4 minutes. Avoid using it as a hair mask. Rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water and let it air dry. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week to get best results.

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